S’KO’S World Tour – Stop #2 : LIMA – PERU

This week, we are offering you our second interview! Martin – being passionate about Latin America – decided to do a semester-long exchange in Peru. You’ll know all about his story later on! Have fun reading, The S’Konnection Team! ✈ ________________________________________________________________________________   ⌘ Presentation of the student:   My name is Martin Jolivet, and I’ve En savoir plus surS’KO’S World Tour – Stop #2 : LIMA – PERU[…]


You want to leave next year but you do not know yet where to go? You hesitate between several destinations? This post is made for you! S’konnection baked for you, in collaboration with students, a topic published weekly!! This topic will be an interview of a student, gone abroad, who tell their experience, who share En savoir plus sur// S’KO’S WORLD TOUR // Stop #1 : CHINA – TAIWAN[…]